Solutions Design + Software Development + Service Deployment

Nash is a Company born in 2007 with a mission: bring together IT professionals, their skills, their know-how, to be able to address bigger projects than those that a single would have been able to.

It works! ...and we never stop our search for new partners.

At the same time, in these years, Nash has grown in a strong and skilled team,
specialised in software development projects and consultancy on a few specific technologies:
  • JavaEE / dotNET
  • Android / iOS
  • SOA / Cloud
and on a few specific products:
  • Liferay Portal
  • OpenText Business Operations Suite (formely Cordys Business Operation Platform)
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Integration
  • Google Apps for Business
Now we integrate all this knowledge and these instruments in our new offering:
  • Solutions Design and Services Deployment a place that everyone calls "the Cloud".